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Dr. Dawn’s Psych MD’s consultations are convenient, affordable, and accessible for anyone that has questions for America’s leading ADHD expert. Secure online video conferences are available. Click on the following button to schedule your session. Once you schedule your session, a clinical questionnaire will be required to complete, so you can spend your session time, discussion your concerns.

Clinical Mental Health Consult

$197 for a 30-minute consultation

Receive INSTANT recommendations regarding the “next steps” for your mental health concern(s) about you or your child. Consult with Dr. Dawn Psych MD using a private/secured face-to-face video chat.

How does it work

  • Dr. Dawn Psych MD, who is Double-Board Certified in Child & Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry, will provide recommendations instantly over HIPPA-regulated virtual portal.
  • Schedule you session with your date and time preference
  • Complete the form and clinical questionnaire
  • Pay the consultation fee
  • A link will be emailed to you to access Dr. Dawn’s private video portal
  • Meet with Dr. Dawn online at the time of your session

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