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The journey from ADHD to Amaze-Ability™ can feel lonely, tiring and LONG. Sometimes after receiving a diagnosis, individuals and families feel stuck; they are overwhelmed, confused and even scared.

I'm inviting you on a journey. No matter if you or your child was recently diagnosed or you have been managing your ADHD for years... you deserve to experience Amaze-Ability™--- The place of rewarding possibilities!

Allow me to be your guide. Let's Journey to Amaze-Ability,™ together!

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Episode 1: Let's Transform ADHD from a Learning Disability to Amaze-Ability™

Doubt, fear and frustration are common feelings before and after a child or adult is diagnosed with ADHD. Dawn Brown, MD, psychiatrist and best-selling author, shares the secret behind her ADHD expertise in this inaugural episode of “From ADHD to Amaze-Ability™” show. Move from feeling dissed to feeling bliss as you take your first journey into a state of total lifestyle optimization at school, at home, at work and on vacation. A family member’s ADHD can either disable the entire family’s lifestyle or it can become a transformation catalyst to Amaze-Ability™, where one enjoys joy and bliss more often than not.

Episode 2: A Pediatrician’s Perspective on ADHD: Interview with Jarret Patton, MD

When a parent suspects a child has a behavioral problem or a learning disability, they may feel stuck, not knowing with whom to talk. Dr. Dawn Brown interviews Dr. Jarret Patton, pediatrician and best-selling author to share a pediatrician’s perspective on how to get unstuck when this question arises. Learn where to turn first and what questions to ask when you suspect ADHD. Drs. Dawn and Jarret cover what to do when conflicting recommendations arise from the primary care doctor and the mental health professional. Doctors who see patients with ADHD learn how to improve communication between a child’s providers. Get insight on how parents can help their child reach Amaze-Ability™.

Episode 3: A Supermom’s Hospitality: How “Re-balance” Removed ADHD as the Unwanted House Guest

In this episode, I had the opportunity of enjoying the hospitality of one of the amazing grandmoms of a child with ADHD who knows how lonely, tiring and frustrating it can feel with ADHD as the unwanted house guest. Ms. Cecilia discussed how ADHD became a territorial invader: it disrupted her home routines, consumed her energy and patience, and caused significant strain amongst family members. After finding support from other supermoms with similar journeys, she revealed how she regained control over ADHD’s influence and transformed her priorities to better self-care, and life “re-balance.”

About Dawn K. Brown, MD

Dr. Dawn Brown, MD is one of the most respected psychiatrists practicing in the Greater Houston area. She is frequently called upon by news, print, and digital media outlets to provide an expert’s perspective on the latest developments surrounding mental health.

Dr. Brown is actively involved in local and national organizations and has presented on both the local and national level on many topics in child psychiatry. She has participated in several community mental and medical health awareness projects and helped establish a child and adolescent clinic to provide convenient and affordable access to primary pediatric mental health care services for children and teenagers in a medically under-served area of Houston.

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