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A full community of moms designed to support other moms raising ADHD children or facing their own diagnosis. Be empowered, equipped and even entertained as we embark on the journey of being Champions for ADHD, together!

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Take a second. It might feel like you’re always out of time, but that’s natural. For moms with children diagnosed with ADHD, or those dealing with a diagnosis of their own, there can be an overwhelming sense of guilt and urgency. But it’s important, absolutely necessary, to remember that it’s not your fault and that help is here. Dr. Dawn’s SuperMoms community is filled with mothers at some point on their own journey through the experience of parenting with ADHD, whether that’s a recent diagnosis or long after guiding their child to a successful future in the face of adversity. While not every scenario is the same, the struggle to achieve and feel your way through a difficult situation is a shared experience, one this community can support with strategies for success and stories of hope.

First and foremost, SuperMoms is all about the moms. Dr. Dawn understands that mothers need a place to be heard, uplifted, and comforted, and where better to find that support than a whole community of mothers that are experiencing or have experienced exactly what you’re going through right now? In a world that doesn’t always understand ADHD or how it impacts a family, learning from those with experience can make all the difference.

More than that, Dr. Dawn also recognizes that there’s no set rulebook, no single solution to every individual person’s needs. Rather than drafting a strict set of rules, the community acts as a guide that walks alongside mothers as they embark on a unique journey to find a path from confusion and doubt to success and prosperity. Join the SuperMoms community and begin your journey to peace.

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