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Champion Your Child's ADHD Amaze-Ability

Join Dr. Dawn Psych MD for your complimentary ADHD strategy session. Book 30-minutes with the MD with ADHD to start your child’s ADHD lifestyle optimization journey.

Amaze-Ability Program

Customized Guide

ADHD is more than just your child taking medicine to help him focus. Dr. Dawn helps you establish a “road map” that involves your child’s team of support; you discover which foods are the best fuel source for your child’s ADHD brain and establish routines that promote a healthy lifestyle for him.

Plans & Routines

Finding success with lists takes commitment and time. Dr. Dawn’s 8-week course includes simple strategies that will help you incorporate helpful techniques into your and your child’s lifestyles, breaking bad habits and learning new ways to find balance and create healthy routines.

Stay Connected

You’ll partner with Dr. Dawn and get access to the ADHD SUPER MOMS PRIVATE group on Facebook (even super moms need a village of support and resources)–the ultimate support network during Dr. Dawn’s 8-week course!


Organizational, time management, and most needed by your child.


Including morning, evening, bedtime, school, and homework.


For your child’s age, metabolism and severity of ADHD symptoms.


Build your child’s ADHD dream team to champion their success.

Amaze-Ability™ Stories About
Dr. Dawn’s Work

Stay at Home Mom

“Signing up with Dr. Dawn’s ADHD coaching program has changed my son’s life. He went from making D’s to A’s, he now receives invitations to sleep overs and has a confident aura that surrounds him. I am gratful to Dr. Brown for showing my son that his ADHD is a SUPERPOWER and not a disability!”

Business Owner

“I struggled with being a successful entrepreneur and a mother involved in my child’s life. It was difficult to find balance where I could achieve both. Thank you, Dr. Dawn, for helping my daughter and my family understand that having a balanced schedule is important to each family member’s happiness and well-being. After your ADHD course, I realized that I can, in fact, be BOTH!”

Home School Teacher

“Parenting a child with ADHD is one thing, but being your child’s teacher takes on a whole new world of adventure and challenges. It was difficult for me to separate these 2 roles. With Dr. Dawn’s help, she understood my areas of concern and catered strategies that addressed my child’s and our family’s needs.”

Schedule Your Complimentary
ADHD Strategy Session with Dr. Dawn


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the strategy session free?
Yes! It sure is. The session is complimentary for all individuals.
What if I want to register for the ADHD course?
You should schedule the 30 minute complimentary appointment to learn if this program is a good fit for you.
Will the session be recorded?
Dr. Dawn doesn’t record your session for privacy reasons, so have your pen and paper handy and get ready to receive free strategies and tips!
Can I ask questions?
Absolutely! Your session is for you. Bring your questions and participate during Q&A.


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