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The ADHD Lifestyle Series

Building Balanced Meals & Exercise Routines for Children

Dr. Dawn’s new book, The ADHD Lifestyle Series, Volume 1, is an educational and empowering guide for ADHD Super Moms who want to Champion their child’s ADHD by feeding their Amaze-Ability™ with a balanced diet, invigorating exercise routines and more.

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The ADHD BackPack
The ADHD BackPackThe ADHD BackPackThe ADHD BackPack

The ADHD Backpack


The ADHD backpack provides elementary students who have ADHD with a colorful, attractive & appropriate-size school bag to secure their books, folders, lunchbox and other school products. Each bag is a multi-function and eco-friendly tote backpack constructed from canvas material and features at least 3 compartments of varied sizes for storage. These designs contain strikingly bold colors which creates its unique 3D cartoon appearance. Your child will love reaching for this backpack intended to keep them engaged by its attractive appearance.

Each ADHD – 3D Cartoon Backpack comes with the following recommendations, written by Dr. Dawn Brown, MD, who is double-boarded in Child & Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry and a recognized ADHD Expert.

  • ADHD 504 Accommodations Check list
  • ADHD Organizational Binder



The ADHD Lunchbox


The ADHD Lunch box provides ADHD elementary students with a food container that features dividers and compartments that can conveniently store the basic nutritional food requirements that Dr. Brown Psych MD recommends for ADHD children of different age groups. It is an attractive and material-friendly container that is big enough for lunch meals, yet an appropriate size to carry in a backpack. It is easy to clean, maintain and store. It also can be used for snacks during road trips.

Each ADHD Lunch Box includes:

A nutritional guide for ADHD students (categorized by age groups)

Colors: Available in blue, pink and green