Known as the MD WITH ADHD, Dr. Dawn Brown can optimize your child's so-called disability into an AMAZE-ABILITY TM!

Dr. Dawn focuses on a discovery process and Total ADHD Lifestyle Optimization Method to help hone in on optimization strategies for children and parents dealing with ADHD. When a family is facing ADHD in a parent or child, it can be overwhelming. It feels like there’s an ever growing list of needs, no time in the day, and no right direction. Dr. Dawn focuses on alleviating that worry through a series of programs and support groups designed to remind parents that ADHD is a hard experience, but that’s not their fault and there is help available.

Champion Your Child's ADHD

Schedule your 30 minute complimentary ADHD strategy session to discuss how Dr. Dawn’s ADHD Amaze-Ability Program can be a guide for your child’s ADHD lifestyle optimization journey!


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