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As a two time #1 best selling author and internationally recognized ADHD expert, Dr. Dawn is regularly called upon to offer her expertise on the latest developments in mental health and research. She advocates innovate resource management and preventative mental health wellness as she speaks to communities around the country about the significance of mental health awareness, ADHD, and other mental health conditions.

Appearing locally and nationally on broadcasts such as “Great Day Houston” and “The Tom Joyner Morning Show”, she is an active and vocal advocate of mental health awareness. But her participation isn’t limited to speaking on shows, she’s also an active member of various service organizations and awareness projects. One of her proudest achievements was the establishment of a Houston health clinic that provides convenient and affordable access to primary mental health services of children and teenagers.

Education about ADHD/ADD & Dyslexia

Henry Winkler, Dr. Dawn Kamilah Brown, and Dr. Jay Tarnow explain the effects of ADHD/ADD & Dyslexia and how to detect it early in children.

Understanding ADHD/ADD & Dyslexia

Henry Winkler, Dr. Dawn Kamilah Brown, and Dr. Jay Tarnow explain the effects of ADHD/ADD & Dyslexia.

Working Through Learning Disabilities

Henry Winkler, Dr. Dawn Kamilah Brown, and Dr. Jay Tarnow explain the effects of ADHD/ADD & Dyslexia.

Gov. Abbott pushes for focus on mental health in schools

Gov. Greg Abbott is pushing schools to focus on mental health. He's calling upon state lawmakers to expand mental health screenings to help teachers and staff identify students...

Mental Illness and its association with Violence

Candlelight filled the sky outside the Alief ISD administration building on this cold Monday night. Hundreds of people...

African-Americans And Bipolar Disorder: What You Need To Know

An estimated 2.3 million Americans (one in five Americans) have bipolar disorder, also called manic-depressive illness. While the rate of bipolar disorder is the same among African-Americans as it is among other Americans, African-Americans are less likely to receive a diagnosis and, therefore, treatment, for this illness.

What You Need To Know About Autism And Diet

Autistic disorder (aka: autism) is a part of the group “Autistic Spectrum Disorders” which are complex brain disorders...

Dr. Brown Answers ALL Your ADHD Questions

Dr. Brown diligently provides her patients and their families with competent and compassionate care, which highlights...

Are You Anxious? Here’s What To Do About It

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with...

Parents: How To Tell The Difference Between Bad Behavior And Psychopathic Behavior

A child or teen who is recurrently displaying poor behaviors and decision-making and persistently disobedient may...

How To Talk To Your Kids About Difficult Topics

With so many negative things going on in the world broadcast in real-time on traditional and social media, how do you talk to your kids...

The Physician’s Road

“Is There Something Wrong with My Child? Demystifying ADHD, Austism, & Behavioral Disorders w/ Dr. Dawn Brown.”

Therapy for Black Girls

“All the Details About ADHD”

Voyage Houston

“Meet Dawn Kamilah Brown, MD of ADHD Wellness Center AND Dr. Dawn Psych MD”



About Dawn K. Brown, MD

Dr. Dawn Brown, MD is one of the most respected psychiatrists practicing in the Greater Houston area. She is frequently called upon by news, print, and digital media outlets to provide an expert’s perspective on the latest developments surrounding mental health.

Dr. Brown is actively involved in local and national organizations and has presented on both the local and national level on many topics in child psychiatry. She has participated in several community mental and medical health awareness projects and helped establish a child and adolescent clinic to provide convenient and affordable access to primary pediatric mental health care services for children and teenagers in a medically under-served area of Houston.

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