The ADHD Lifestyle Series
VOLUME 1   Signature Edition


Building Balanced Meals &
Exercise Routines for Children


Dr. Dawn’s new book, The ADHD Lifestyle Series, Volume 1, is an educational and empowering guide for ADHD Super Moms who want to Champion their child’s ADHD by feeding their Amaze-Ability™ with a balanced diet, invigorating exercise routines and more.



Signature Edition
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  • Rockell Brown, PhDRockell Brown, PhDAssistant Professor Texas Southern University

    Secrets from an MD with ADHD Building Balanced Meals and Exercise Routines for Children is an ideal resource for educators, mental healthcare professionals, and parents of children with ADHD. Dr. Dawn Brown does an excellent job of using her own experiences to help readers better understand the role good health and nutrition play in managing ADHD. The strategies and ideas to increase children’s fruit and vegetable intake and the tips provided on how to switch out unhealthy snacks with healthier alternatives are helpful and practical. The book is empowering and offers a holistic approach to a better quality of life for those living with ADHD.

  • Valdesha Dejuan, MDValdesha Dejuan, MDPsychiatrist Pacific Medical Centers

    Secrets from an MD with ADHD Building Balanced Meals and Exercise Routines for Children takes us on an informative journey of learning how to manage symptoms of ADHD.  The knowledge that Dr. Brown imparts helps to empower parents to augment pharmacological treatment with a toolbox of healthy nutritional and behavioral strategies for their children. Her transparency of her own experiences with ADHD normalizes and destigmatizes the illness and helps to remind us all that a diagnosis of ADHD does not have to limit a child's success. 

  • Laurel L. Williams, DOLaurel L. Williams, DOAssociate Professor Baylor College of Medicine

    Dr. Brown provides tangible and evidence-informed information for parents whose children experience the challenges of living well with attentional problems. Treatment for attentional disorders can be confusing to parents wishing to do more than have medications prescribed. In this Book she outlines a variety of important “lifestyle” guidelines that will serve the entire family.

  • Rev. Dr. Marcus D. CosbyRev. Dr. Marcus D. CosbySenior Pastor of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church

    In Volume 1 of what will undoubtedly be an essential study on the understanding and effects of ADHD on children, Dr. Dawn Brown systematically and methodically addresses the reality of exercise, nutrition, and a balanced diet for success in the lives of children who sometimes struggle with focused attention despite their scholastic prowess. Her personal stories of championing ADHD in her own life, coupled with her stellar scholarship in this discipline, make this study even more fundamental for every family who has found their child(ren) distracted or daydreaming more often than they would like.





Dr. Dawn Kamilah Brown, known as America’s favorite ADHD Expert, is a double-board certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist. She is the Founder and CEO at ADHD Wellness Center and has two private practice locations in Texas; she also has a growing virtual presence, offering online appointments. She is a pioneer of the Mental Health Movement, and a nationally recognized ADHD coach, public speaker, author, and professional mentor.

Through a proprietary discovery process and Total ADHD Lifestyle Optimization Method, Dr. Dawn helps moms (and caretakers) hone in on the ADHD optimization strategies most likely to catapult their child’s progress in the areas they struggle most.


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