Welcome to REBALANCE!


I am thrilled that you’ve enrolled in my ADHD SuperMom’s Lifestyle Optimization 5-Day LIVE Workshop! The theme of the workshop is REBALANCE! We will have 5 days to focus on how YOU can rebalance your busy lifestyle as a SuperMom who parents a child with ADHD!


Follow this guide to get the most out of this course:


1) Actively participate in your PRIVATE Supermoms Facebook group here: ADHD Focus Builders w/ Dr. Dawn Psych MD. This is where we’ll gather, discuss the assignments from the SuperMOM’s workshop guide, and share. If you are not already a member of the group, request to join and we will approve you! Please introduce yourself by sharing a little about yourself, where you are located and at least ONE thing you want to get out of this workshop.

2) On Sunday evening, May 13th, your first lesson from the SuperMom workshop guide will arrive, swirling into your inbox at 6 PM CST! Open that email. Read it (don’t worry, it’s short and sweet!). Then head over to our Facebook group to post your completed assignment!

3) Purchasing my bestseller, The ADHD Lifestyle Series, Volume 1: Secrets from an MD with ADHD: Building Balanced Meals and Exercise Routines for Children is not required although highly recommended. The contents of this volume supplement the workshop. And since you are already a part of the best group on Facebook (if not, join now!), you will receive a surprise from my ADHD toolbox upon completion of the workshop!

See you in the “workshop classroom,” soon!









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