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Watch Dr. Dawn in action as she discusses some of the most important issues facing Americans today. Mental health requires the kind of attention and thoughtful conversation you can’t always find online, but here you can see it all - listen for advice, consideration, and real talk about the state of mental health in America. Hear one of Houston’s leading psychiatrists give her take and share her vision for a brighter future.

About Dawn K. Brown, MD

Dr. Dawn Brown, MD is one of the most respected psychiatrists practicing in the Greater Houston area. She is frequently called upon by news, print, and digital media outlets to provide an expert’s perspective on the latest developments surrounding mental health.

Dr. Brown is actively involved in local and national organizations and has presented on both the local and national level on many topics in child psychiatry. She has participated in several community mental and medical health awareness projects and helped establish a child and adolescent clinic to provide convenient and affordable access to primary pediatric mental health care services for children and teenagers in a medically under-served area of Houston.

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